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We help protect & preserve your wealth while growing it safely & consistently.


Our Approach

You deserve a real financial strategy that helps put you in the best possible position to succeed.

Your goals + our guidance

We’re patient, conservative, careful, experienced, knowledgeable, and detailed. You deserve nothing less.

Our process in working with clients is via a consultative and collaborative, needs-based approach that puts the focus on the desired outcomes of the client. We ask a lot of questions, and we make sure we understand all the facts as well as the feelings and the history behind the data. We endeavor to help you gain clarity and insight into your financial life, so there is a solid plan in place, always striving to help you feel truly confident that you’re on track with all aspects of your financial life.



WealthFactors™ reveal hidden risks, blindspots & opportunities


The threats to wealth are numerous. Your wealth deserves Total Asset Protection. Protect savings, investments, home equity and future income from devastating loss.


It’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep. Convert income to assets and utilize “uninterrupted compounding” to help grow your wealth safely.


Are you losing wealth to opportunity cost?  Can you use your wealth the way banks use other people’s money?


Is your Retirement Income Maximization Plan built to minimize taxes during both the accumulation and distribution stages? Most are not.


Inflation erodes wealth.   Market losses destroy wealth.  Is it possible to both defend against inflation without suffering market losses?


Estate taxes can destroy wealth intended for heirs.  Wealth no longer needed can positively impact organizations and families for generations.


We are committed to serving individuals, families and business owners who take their finances and their future seriously.

Goal driven. Advice seeking. Action taking.

We work with highly motivated individuals,  families, business owners and entrepreneurs, and those entering or already in retirement.

The kind of client that would benefit most from engaging WealthDefense Insurance Group knows the value of sound advice. Our clients seek to avoid incurring needless and costly mistakes, desire to eliminate wasted time and/or money, and want to bypass going down dead-end paths. WealthDefense Insurance Group clients know they’re always on the right track, with the right guide to get them to their destination confidently and successfully.


Meet Our Team

We’re fiercely independent thinkers, relentless researchers, devoted self-educators, and tireless advocates for our clients.

David D. Mehler, LUTCF®

Co-founder & Partner

David Mehler, a dedicated defender of client assets from excessive taxation, needless loss, and the “products without planning” approach of much of the financial services industry. David is the Co-Founder and a Partner in WealthDefense Insurance Group LLC, which focuses on the unique needs and goals of business owners, high income professionals, upwardly mobile families, real estate investors, and those entering or already in retirement.

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David brings over 16 years of experience in the application of creative techniques to provide tax diversification and increased cash flow in retirement.

David specializes in performing an in-depth income loss replacement analysis to ensure every client has a comprehensive income replacement plan, which allows them to be confident they can withstand and recover from an income interruption.

David has owned and operated insurance, financial planning, and investment advisory firms over the course of his career.

Outside of work, David is an avid Carolina Panthers fan, collectibles and outdoors enthusiast who can often be found chasing his children on nature trails. David’s wife Brittain and their 4 children reside in Greensboro, North Carolina and try to get out to the beaches as often as possible.

Doreen Patrick, ACS®

Client Care Coordinator

Doreen joined WealthDefense Insurance Group, LLC in 2021 and her responsibilities include appointment scheduling, account paperwork, marketing, and website maintenance. With over 15 years’ experience of working in the financial services industry she also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and an Associate Degree in Business Management.

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In addition, she holds an Associate, Customer Service™ (ACS®) designation from LOMA for Financial Services Education. This designation focuses on the critical skills needed to provide specialized customer service in the financial services industry.

Doreen currently resides just outside of Chicago, Illinois with her husband Brian and two children.

What Our Clients Say

Your success and happiness is our sole focus.  We’d welcome the opportunity to make you and yours part of the WealthDefense family of clients.

Barry, let me take a moment here to let you know how grateful we are for the amazing client care you gave us. Thank you for researching so many plans to find the best possible options, especially when it came to my care, as I'm a bit harder to get covered. Thank you for fighting for me with the company to ensure they kept with the original. You were able to secure the best price, and we are incredibly grateful!! Thank you for all your patience and kind words and happy greetings.

Ann & Eric Christensen

David has the financial mind to help you navigate the world of financial planning with ease. I highly recommend David's work ethic. He truly enjoys his work and as a result services his clients well

Tarah Jakubiak

I have been a client of David’s for years as an entrepreneur of multiple businesses and personal financial/insurance needs-he never disappoints, extremely responsive, reliable and a wealth of knowledge to help any business along with saving us costs year after year!

Ashley Miller

I cannot think of anyone who works as hard as David does to provide superior service to his customers. He has a thorough knowledge of his products and gives honest answers to tough questions. David is a very impressive, personable young man who always finds a way to meet the needs of his customers. I have never hesitated to recommend David's services to others. Without exception, their feedback has always been 100% positive.

Rexanne Bishop

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